Continual Service Improvement

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9. Challenges, CSF and Risks


Every organization will have its unique set of challenges. As with implementing any type of change within an organization one of the major challenges will be managing the behavioural changes that are required.

The other issue is that CSI often requires adequate tools for monitoring and gathering the data, analysing the data for trends and reporting on the data. CSI does not happen only through automation but also requires resources to allocated to CSI activities. The resources need to understand their roles and responsibilities and have the correct skill sets to execute the CSI activities.

Listed below are some of the common ones that you m, encounter when implementing Continual Service Improvement:




Implementing CSI is not an easy task: it requires a change in management and staff attitudes and values that continual improvement is something that needs to be done proactively and not reactively. Identifying the risks and challenges before implementing CSI is a critical first step. A SWOT analysis can help identify these items. It is important to define mitigation strategies for the risks and identify how to best overcome challenges that an organization may encounter.

Knowing the critical success factors before undertaking CSI implementation will help manage the risks and challenges. Don't try to change everything at once.

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